Christine is available to speak to Christian women in the Southern California area. She is  Christian speaker, writer and storyteller and is an active member of Wrightwood Methodist Church in Wrightwood, California. An evangelical Christian, she has her MA in Theology from Fuller Seminary and is pursuing her Doctorate of Ministry at Biblical Life Seminary.

Sample podcast: “Forgiveness”

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“Living Echoes”

Costumed, dramatic portrayals of women of faith. A few of my Biblical characters and their themes include Miriam (deliverance and faith), Mary Magdalen (the life of Christ), and Rahab of Jericho (salvation). Another characters is Mrs. Alice Porter, an Appalachian mountain woman from the 1930’s who comments on — well — just about everything. In each case, the dramatic portrayal closely follows the Bible and the life of faith.  Click here to hear  a recording of me as Mrs. Alice Porter.

Workshops on the Christian Imagination

Half-day or day retreats workshops on the role of the Christian imagination in a deeper walk with Christ. Sample half-day schedule from 8:30 am to 1 pm:

8:30 — Welcome
9:00 — Worship and singing
9:30 — Talk: The history of Christian imagination and its role in historical devotions
10:00 — Guided meditative prayer and sharing
10:30 — Silent time for prayer and reflection
11:00 — Talk: Practicing the Christian imagination in everyday life
11:30 — Guided meditative prayer and sharing
12:00 — Worship and singing
12:30 — Prayer and benediction

Women’s Retreats

These retreats combine drama, talks, prayer, worship and sharing. Thanks be to God, women will come away from the retreat refreshed and renewed.