The Listening Way

I lead a small Bible study and prayer group at my church. Yesterday morning one of our members was having a true crisis and did not know where to turn or what to do.

Our usual format is to come together to study a Gospel story and then in silence individually pray the story to God, allowing Him to enter into our imaginations. But I felt strongly as this sister in Christ shared the depth of her pain that we needed to do something different. I felt the Holy Spirit remind me about the Society of Friends (Quaker) meetings where the group goes into silent prayer before making a decision — for at least an hour! We had ten minutes! But I knew the Holy Spirit would bless and guide what He wanted us to do.

The group gathered around our friend and entered into silent prayer with the express purpose of listening for the word of God for her. At the end of that short time God led us to say different words — some from the Bible, some from the spiritual gifts of discernment and wisdom, and many of pure love and support.

God is so good. Don’t forget (like I too often do) to listen for the still small voice of God!

February 11, 2015Permalink