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Joy in the Desert – How to experience the joy of Christ during difficult times.


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  1. Hi Christine!

    I am writing to you because I did a Google search for Carrie G. Davis and came up with your “Golden Door” dramatic presentation at the UMW Riverside District meeting in 2014. I see also that you have published a novel “Escape from the Green Mansion” about Carrie Davis’s work. Congratulations on that! I am wondering how you became familiar with Carrie Davis and her work in San Francisco Chinatown. I have been researching the Methodist women’s work in Chinatown since 2002, and hadn’t found your name until today!
    Jeff Staley (MA Theology from Fuller in 1979; PhD in New Testament, GTU 1985)

    • Hi Jeff! I used your “Contested Childhoods” piece in my research. It was excellent. The book is non-fiction and you’re in the bibliography. :) We apparently went to Fuller at the same time — I was there 79-81 or so.

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