The BOOK is Almost Done

I’m thrilled that my first full-length book is nearly done — “nearly” as in “waiting for the final proof copy.” I wrote it as part of my D.Min. program, and it’s the next-to-last ministry project before finalizing the dissertation. Yea! The book is a true story called “Escape from the Green Mansion: The Extraordinary True Story of Ordinary Church Women Freeing San Francisco’s Brothel Slaves.”

From the back matter:

In the late 1800s thousands of Chinese women sailed to America’s West Coast. Many of them were enslaved as soon as they stepped off the freighters and were forced into prostitution — the “green mansion.”

American prejudice against the immigrant Chinese was ugly and strong, and many of these girls lost hope. Many of them died. But a few of them began to whisper about the “Jesus women.” The Jesus women were rescuing and freeing the Chinese slaves, and if the girls could just get word to them…

This book is a true story about the courageous Christians who risked everything to help free San Francisco’s brothel slaves.

As soon as the book of available I’ll send out the link!


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